Quality Assurance

Quality Eggs from Local Farms

From day old chicks to the eggs in the customer’s fridge, all steps of the process are crucial to the production of first class product.

The Bord Bia Egg Quality Assurance Scheme ensures that eggs are produced and packed to the highest standards of foods safety and traceability and in a manner which protects the environment. It ensures that:

To ensure the highest quality products, Greenfield control all aspects of the process including control of hens from day old, management of feed and breed selection. A veterinary advisor is on hand at all times to monitor the health and welfare of the hens. Our full time auditors carry out monthly audits to the Bord Bia EQAS and Greenfield standards. The auditor also collects the monthly samples for monitoring of salmonella.  

The packing centre also employs stringent quality control. Using the Bord Bia EQAS as the basis for the quality system, it has been developed over the years in conjunction with BRC and other customer standards to become a highly efficient management system. All aspects of food safety, legality, quality and authenticity of product and safety, health & welfare, sustainability, environment and ethical trading. The grading process is fully automated and includes automatic dirt & defect detection, crack detection and UV disinfection of the shells of the eggs. 

Each egg is printed with the Flock registration code of the farm, the Bord Bia Logo and the Best Before date. Strict qualities checks are carried out throughout the process to monitor everything from print on the eggs and labels to the quality of the egg itself. The shell quality, albumen(white) quality and yolk colour is monitored as an indication of the quality of the egg. 

All our Organic production supply base is approved by the Organic Trust and the grading and packing of organic eggs in the packing centre is approved by IOA (Irish Organic Association). Organic egg production is more stringent than free range. The stocking rate is lower than for free range and the feed must be certified organic. All organic farms and the packing centre are inspected on an annual basis.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety

We are delighted to announce our certification to ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety. This follows on from our previous health and safety certificate (OHSAS 18001) which we were accredited for in 2015. This highlights our commitment to provide our staff, contractors and visitors with best practice relating to health and safety protocols. 

We aim to have continual improvement in this area with support from top management. Objectives and targets are set every year and these are monitored on a quarterly basis. Our progress and level of competency is audited on an annual basis by an external third party auditing company. 


Our Quality Standards

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