It is our corporate aim at Greenfield Foods Limited to ensure that our operations and business practices protect the fundamental human values and rights in the workplace by compliance to the applicable standards and laws.  We use the principles of the ETI Base Code, Stakeholder Ethical Trading Codes of Practice, Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission, as well as all applicable local labour laws including (Human Trafficking) Act 2008, as amended by the Criminal Law (Human Trafficking) (Amendment) Act 2013.


Greenfield Foods Limited is an Equal Opportunities employer.  We will ensure that fair and honest dealings are extended to all employees, to our customers, suppliers and all stakeholders.  Conditions of employment will be based on basic human rights and in accordance with our Child remedation policy and procedures.   Forced labour or labour which involves physical or mental abuse or discrimination will not be accepted.  Forced prison labour is not used at any time.  Employment is freely chosen.  The company respects the employees right to form and join an organisation of their choice.


Staff will be treated fairly and honestly, with wages and benefits given to conform with and comply to all local laws and at a rate which is reasonable.   Written and understandable information about employment conditions in respect to wages, recruitment, hours of work, holiday entitlement, termination of employment, disciplinary, appeal and grievance procedures will be provided in the Terms and Conditions of Employment document.


Work conditions and environment will be safe and hygienic. Freedom of movement will not be restricted.  Health and Safety of all involved with the operations or processes will be given due regard and will be in accordance with local laws.  A member of senior management shall be assigned responsibility of health and safety.


Our safeguards include education, training, internal controls, review procedures and compliance records.

Training program shall include scheduled health and safety instruction.  The aims of this policy will be communicated to all individuals.  Relevant records and documentation shall be maintained to demonstrate compliance.  This policy and related procedures shall be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to ensure compliance and to incorporate revisions or updates for applicable laws or regulations.

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