Greenfield Foods is against all forms of forced child labour or exploitation of children, and is firmly committed to eradicating child labour from our supply chains, in line with our Human Rights Policy and legal obligations under the Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act, 1996 and The Criminal Law (Human Trafficking) Act 2008, as amended by the Criminal Law (Human Trafficking) (Amendment) Act 2013 (equivalent to UK Modern Slavery Legislation).


We constantly monitor compliance on human and labour rights throughout our operations by internal and external audits, adherence to national laws and many of our certifications require vigilant monitoring of potential child labour throughout our own operations and supply chain.


We have in place “an approved Vendor” list that we source supplies from, for eggs that are produced by our Farmers we visit and audit each site monthly and vigorously control all input on the farms. We check all our suppliers annually for changes by doing a questionnaire of their operations. We do a complete review of all suppliers in our supply chain every 3 years.


We have recently completed a SMETA4 pillar audit on social accountability and supply chain. The task was to help us better understand the potential risk of occurrence of child labour in our supply chain and own operations. Our assessments have yet to identify any specific instances of child labour in our own operations and we have systems in place to ensure our suppliers are taking adequate measures to prevent child labour. For this reason, we are introducing a Child Labour Remediation Protocol so that we can act swiftly and sensitively in the ‘best interest of the child’ in any potential case.


There are 2 areas in our Child Remediation Protocols: child labour in our own factory and possible child labour within our supply chain, both are detailed in our poilcy and procedures.

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