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About Greenfield EGGs

From very humble beginnings of 800 birds in one hen house in Smithborough, Co Monaghan to today’s leading place in the Irish Egg industry, Greenfield Foods, now has over 1.4 million birds on 74 local family owned farms, producing, packing and distributing 7 million eggs per week for the Irish market place.

All our eggs come from local Irish farms that are approved by Bord Bia under the Sustainable Egg Assurance Scheme (SEAS).

We are continuously working to come up with egg products for our customer to suit a fast moving lifestyle and have developed a range of Enriched Colony, Free Range, Corn Fed/Omega, Barn and Organic eggs. Eggs are packed in convenient sizes for our customers such as 4 egg, 6 egg, 12 egg 20 egg family packs etc.

We supply our eggs to a range of customers from large supermarket multiples, food services and small wholesale customers. Our customers are our main focus and our priority is to supply a good quality fresh egg. We are proud of our farm to fork traceability system and can demonstrate traceability from the egg back to the farm that produced it. We have achieved other recognised standards to further re-assure our customers as to the quality of our eggs.

Green Field Foods Free Range Eggs

The History of Greenfield Foods

Greenfield Foods are the leading suppliers of eggs to the major retailers and we provide an excellent nationwide service to all our customers. Greenfield Foods Ltd has been a family run business for over 50 years. Originally Greenfield Eggs, the amalgamation with Meadow Farm Eggs 1998 formed Greenfield Foods Ltd. These two family run companies became one to enable rationalisation to take place in the Irish egg industry and allowed them to achieve the economies of scale.

As a result of this partnership, Greenfield Foods Ltd has grown and developed over the years to become Ireland’s largest egg packing centre. The packing centre was originally developed in 1998 and was extended in 2005. In 2011 the packing centre was further refurbished with the replacement of grading equipment with the newest technology available, including automatic dirt, crack & inclusion detection. The innovative and forward thinking of these two families have allowed Greenfield to grow from its humble beginnings of 800 birds and a small packing store, to a production base of 1 million birds and the modern, state of the art facility that it is today.

Our Operations

Strict controls on production units and in the packing centre ensures full traceability from the farm to the customer every time. Our Operations incorporate egg production, egg grading, packing and distribution. Our production units comply with all EU Legislation and welfare standards for laying hens. Our packing facilities are purpose built, including the latest technologies for grading and packing. As well as production on site, we have a further 74 farms spread over 6 counties supplying us with eggs. These dedicated farms are all Bord Bia approved and are audited monthly by our own farm auditors to ensure the highest standards are maintained. Our production supply base incorporates free range, organic, barn and conventional egg types. All production units supplying the packing centre are Bord Bia approved.

In the packing centre we grade, pack and distribute on average, 7 million eggs per week. We grade and pack eggs daily on 2 Moba machines. Each individual egg is inspected for dirt, defects, blood and cracks. The eggs are weighed and each shell is printed with the Flock traceability code, which allows the egg to be traced back to the farm it came from. The packing centre also has an integrated barcode and stock control system to ensure full traceability of every egg. Enriched colony production units were developed 2010 & 2011 to conform with the new laying hen legislation. This state of the art site has been developed with the highest welfare, food safety and environmental standards in mind.

Green Field Foods production 1
Green Field Foods production 2

Corporate Information

The highest standards of food safety, welfare and environment are the cornerstones for producing Greenfield’s range of quality products. Greenfield Foods was born when rationalisation was needed in the egg industry, grants were received and new facilities, expansion, new technology resulted in the growth of the company. The company has been supported by the FEOGA grant aid scheme for processing and marketing of Agricultural products, funded by the E. U. to build a state of art packing centre in 1998 and qualified for the capital investment scheme funded by the Irish Government as part of the National Development Plan 2000-2006.

Greenfield Foods now as an enlarged operation, has effectively become a rationalised entity for the purpose of producing, grading and packing eggs to a variety of retail, multiples, food services, catering and wholesale markets. The operation now accounts for 45% of all eggs produced under the Bord Bia Quality Assurance standard for eggs. Greenfield Foods employs approximately 90 staff in production, packing, sales and distribution and has production units nationwide and many agents to promote and sell our eggs.

Our strategy is to continue to remain in a strong position in the market and supply a competitively priced quality product for our customers.

Green Field Foods
Green Field Foods
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